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Rules and Regulation

The following is a summary of some school rules. Detailed code of conduct

will be available in the school calendar supplied to each student.


1.            Pupils must be polite and respectful towards each member of the school community

2.            Pupils should not call each other by names or use any bad/obscene language

3.            Pupils must play gently and must NOT push, fight, kick or play rough.

4.            Pupils most move in the campus gently and quietly.

5.            Pupils must not bring any toy, jewellery, electric/electronic gadget, mobile phone or any harmful object to the                     school Pupils can bring money only when the school instructs them. However, they should not keep money in                     the hostel / classroom.

6.            Tobacco or other harmful products must not be brought to school/consumed at school.

7.            Children are expected to be honest.


8.            Parents/guardians must not approach teachers/students directly or otherwise disturb class during study times.                   Permission from the Principal/HM has to be obtained before meeting the child/teacher.


9.            All fees must be paid on time Non-payment of fees will justify expulsion of the student from the class.

10.          Pupils should attend the school wearing their full uniform in the manner prescribed in the diary.


11.          A child may only be absent from school because of sickness or due to a most unavoidable circumstance. If a                     child is absent for any reason, on returning to school he/she must bring a letter from parent, justifying the                           absence.

12.          If any pupil willfully damages school property, then the full cost of repair or replacement will be at his/her                             parent’s expense.