Basni, Mukundgarh Road ,Laxmangarh, Sikar, 332311


Message from The Chairman

Everyone has dreams and without dedication it is like a body without soul. When such dreams turn into reality, it makes a mark on time. We need to be among those unique human beings who have left an incredible mark on the lives and minds of other people.”

Education does not confine to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, well furnished labs, well stacked libraries or the equipments. It goes beyond books and bricks, it builds character, enriches minds in a manner so as to prepare the students to face the challenges of this world free of stress, making them fit for the real and corporate world automatically and naturally.

Our emphasis is to provide the most modern and sophisticated learning environment finely blended with correct value system and traditional ethics making the students stick to their roots. The school provides a platform to the students to explore their hidden individual as well as group talents making learning an enriching experience that lasts forever.



Tarachand Dhukia 

Mother's Mission Public School